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HOBART #4: guest-edited by Ryan Boudinot

**read excerpts, commentary, and other "bonus materials" here**


Brian Ames -- Hit On the Nile
Stephany Aulenback -- Apparition
David Barringer -- The Poll
Aimee Bender -- Crew (Devilly & Skelly)
Maile Chapman -- Again I Will Never Do This Again
Jaime Clarke -- This, Too, Stars You
Chandler Dean -- The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene
Gyrdir Eliasson -- Night
Elizabeth Ellen -- The Anticipation (and Subsequent Arrival) of Flight #343
Stephen Elliott -- Plane Crash Stories
Tiff Holland -- Labyrinth
Laird Hunt -- Plotto, or, The Heroes, In Media Res, Achieve Other Things
Joel Kassay -- What There Is
Lee Klein -- The Telepathic Beauty
J. Robert Lennon -- The Pins
Tao Lin -- Robbers
Calvin Liu -- EP
Robert Lopez -- Full Frontal Nudity
Marisa Matarazo -- Two
Ellen Meister -- Stuck
Rick Moody -- Three Stories for My Wife
Michael Rosovsky -- Patriot Nation
David Ryan -- Lady Liberty
Matthew Simmons -- Three Short Stories (Two of Which are About Dinner Parties)
Sjon -- The Net
Ray Vukcevich -- The Button

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