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10 Works of Art by Rebecca Beegle
Amelia Imagines Herself in Terms of a Circle by Curtis Smith (illustrations by Ryan Molloy)
The Painter Paints an Egg by Pasha Malla
Snapshots of My Dad Taking Pictures by Jeff Barnosky (photos by Jack Barnosky)
Rico's Journey Through Hell by Sanaz and Stefan Kiesbye
Inspiration by Julieta Garcia Gonzalez (translated by Toshiya Kamei)
6 Untitled Drawings by David Kramer
Pas De Trois & On the Construction of Birds by Andrea Fitzpatrick and Adriana Green
Mount Turkey by J.D. Chapman and Brian Counihan
What We Can See From Here by Stephany Aulenback (illustration by Nicole J. Georges)
Smurfette's First Smoke & The Fairy Godmother by Cecilia Johnson
Little Frozen Universes by Christi Clancy (painting by Angie Renfro)
The Train is Coming by Todd Robert Peterson and Paula Sue Airth
Back of the Line by Jeff Parker and William Powhida

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