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Hobart #8 is another "flip-style" issue, similar to #3, when we shared issues with Monkeybicycle. This time around, we are sharing it with our friends in the north -- one half of the issue features writers from Canada and is guest-edited by Pasha Malla.

HOBART #8: US vs. Canada! (available now)

Hobart in America

The Long Black Coat
Benjamin Percy

Age Hung Us Out to Dry
Ryan Call

Twirling the Legless Sailor Dog
Matthew Kirkpatrick

Bridgeview Heights Mall
Ira Sukrungruang

Blue Knights Fold Like
Some Kind of Origami Bird

Chris Bachelder

F = d(mv)/dt
William Donnelly

For Sale
Cedric Yamanaka

Julian the Hospitaler
Catherine Zeidler

Tod Goldberg

Canadian Hobart

Hopeless Summer
Lee Henderson

Hot Christmas '06
Julia Tausch

David Bergen

Czech Techno
Mark Anthony Jarman

John Goldbach

Less Than Half
Craig Davidson

My Friend Taisie
Heather Birrell

Everybody Knows
Zsuzsi Gartner

Soft Generation
Dimitri Nasrallah

Dating Ida
Sheila Heti

Experiments with Falling Bodies
Stephany Aulenback

cover and interior art by Robert Waters

HOBART 8 ($7):

($2.50 shipping/$3.50 int'l)