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(February 2012)

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cover art by Josh Howard

Amy Butcher
Brian Allen Carr
Steve Castro
Jimmy Chen
Ashley Farmer
Tod Goldberg
Amelia Gray
Jac Jemc
Adam Levin
Rolf Potts
Sean Lovelace
M. Owens
Micah Riecker
Shya Scanlon
Curtis VanDonkelaar
Joshua Ware

Hickory Hill
A Brief OK
2 shorts
Field Goal
5 shorts
When They Let Them Bleed
These Are the Fables
Notes Toward a Definition of Luck
The Whole Beauty of Our System
Remixing Reality
4 shorts
Heads Down
Jar Shoot
Lucky Slump
Oh Luck! Seven Lotteries
selections from Impossible Motels

with drawings, "lucky items," a Q&A on superstition in baseball, and thoughts on luck by...

Donald Averill, Paula Bomer, Joshua Brandon, Chloe Caldwell, Noah Cicero, Molly Gaudry, Tom Giesler, Barry Graham, Joseph Lappie, Robert Lopez, Chelsea Martin, Donald Ray Pollock, Adam Robinson, Kevin Sampsell, Laura van den Berg, Brandi Wells

read bonus materials here

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