"I distinctly heard Savannah say that if my underwear weren't so tight, I'd be a nicer person. See if I ever hand over her ticket when she asks for it. It will be very satisfying to see her get pulled off the train and fined. Ha."

"You all speak, you turn to me, and what do I say? Always I am looking stupid and feeling ridiculous. What I am thinking when you are looking at me is: 'I hate sausage.' 'Your cigarettes are horrifying!' 'Speaking German is sounding like having a bad cold. <cough, snort> Like that! Why do I want to learn to sound like this?' You see these fingers moving? This is when I am adding up the days until I go back to Paris."

"Savannah and I watched them make Big Macs at the MacDonald's near Schwabing. It's really like the song. They have this big window, where you can see them slapping on the two patties, the special sauce, the lettuce, the cheese, the pickles, the onions, and the sesame seed bun. But it kind of takes the romance out of it, you know? I don't want to see how it's born. *Hoder!* When is this train coming? I am *so* hungry."

Elderly Male Train Passenger:
"I don't know what that girl was saying to me. I left my hearing aid at the bathroom sink this morning. Can't hear a damn thing. All a man can think about at this age is his hemorrhoids anyway. I sit down and the plight of finding bearable position starts up."

The Engineer:
"I actually saw that girl walking up to the front of the train from the mirror above the windshield… Well, I wasn't totally sure it was a she until she opened her mouth. Hair was damned short and had boots on like a storm trooper. I thought: 'well, Günther, here comes a challenge to your retirement.' You know, if a man has to put up his dukes, he could loose his job and his pension. She could've had a knife or something. You don't know about young people these days. I have to say, though, it would have felt good to light into someone. Driving this train gets damned boring. Even the Apfelkorn schnapps doesn't make my day go faster anymore."

The Rabid Augsburg Train Station Security Guard:
"We have signs posted everywhere! 'Caution' 'DO NOT ENTER 'No Entry. Construction Site'. And here comes this idiot girl from behind the wall studs dragging a piece of plastic sheeting from her shoe sole. Damn kids refuse to follow directions. I had half a mind to slap a fine on her, maybe even draw my flare gun for effect. She didn't properly appreciate the gravity of her offense."

The Imbiss Lady:
"Come up and call me Miss! Insolent punk. I am clearly well into the territory of 'madam' or 'ma'am'. You may 'dutz' your friends at the Uni, but don't you dare come into our quiet village with your city ways and infect our community with your impertinent familiarity."

"Mmm…Yes, now that's good Riesling. Just a little in the thermos then. Something for waiting along the track. Yes, well, I'll take the funny papers, too."

Skinhead Ringleader:
"Mmmm…foreigners. My favorite snack. Sharpen the carving knife, Axl."