I heard glasses shattering in the background and turned my head. Bill was wearing some obnoxious neon necklace and holding a broken drink glass. So was the guy next to him, and best I could tell they had gone to cheer each other a little too enthusiastically. He looked a little confused and then he started walking towards me.

“Duuuuuude.” Bill leaned into my shoulder, steadying himself. This was far from the crispness Bill had exhibited earlier. This dude was long, drawn out, and completely drunken. “Who is this hottie? Bartender! Another drink for me, and another round for the new lovebirds here.”

Sara blushed a little.

“I think you have had enough tonight man,” the bartender pointed out as he wiped the bar down with his cloth and threw it back over his shoulder. Some businessman on the other side of Sara laughed at Bill making an ass of himself.

“What! And you…” here Bill pointed at businessguy “you mind your own business. Why don’t you go shred some papers or something cocksucker.”

Businessguy stopped laughing and stood up, but before we could fully see the good six inches he surely had on Bill, Bill hit him with a quick right hook. Businessguy staggered, catching himself on his stool. Bill looked at me all surprised like he barely knew what he had done and instinctually grabbed my arm and we ran out of the bar. I tried to look back over my shoulder and make eye contact with Sara, but the bar was going nuts, and I knew we had to keep running.

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