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May '05

May 21: Ann Arbor Book Festival & Fundraiser Event!

The Combat Photographer
  by Dave Housley

  by Gregory Howard

Blue and Yellow
Polka Dots

  by Wayne Scheer

Jazz Club Serenade
  by Paul Germano

  by Christina Delia

The jazz bangs its way through a zealous crowd that shutters and shakes and throttles. A redhead scratches her pale-white thigh. A sandy-brown man steals a peek.

A blond and a blonde softly break up on a love seat not up for the job. She touches his knee, tries to explain. But he turns away in slow motion.

An anxious brunette, with wild desires and green eyes that matter, takes it all in unnoticed. She positions herself close to the door, ambush in waiting with breasts.

That blond in the khakis, two sheets to the wind and heart-broken, he staggers his way to the door in a daze. Green eyes and desire are fixed on his slow-motion movements. That blond in the khakis, two sheets to the wind, he won't go home alone tonight.

Paul Germano is a Syracuse-based writer with a short attention span. His fiction (flash and otherwise) has been published in, The House of Pain, Java Snob Review, My Web-Press Journal, Slow Trains, SlugFest, Sonata and Twilight Times. You can read his previously published fiction at his web site.