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I've Got Dreams
to Remember

Andrew Bomback

excerpt from:
The Phillie Phanatic

Andrew Ervin

Roy Kesey

David Kramer

The Tools of Ignorance
Nick Mainieri

The Dark One
Daniel McArdle

Not Just Another
Day at the Ballpark

Jim Ruland

I'd Do It Again, Too
Grant Stoye

C.J. Hribal
Nick Fox


Melissa Bell lives in Toronto and is neither the Melissa Bell who is a beekeeper nor the Melissa Bell who is a meteorologist, but she thinks it would be a lot of fun to be both those things.

After decades as a professional journalist, Red Sox fan Marty Carlock now writes mostly for her own amusement.

Elizabeth Ellen can't wait until Curtis is off the disabled list.

Timothy Gager
published on line and in print
see his name dot com

Lee Klein lives a 20-minute stroll to Citizens Bank Park.

Christopher Monks' book, The Ultimate Game Guide to Your Life will come out in October of this year.

Leonard Pierce is a writer of things. When the White Sox won the Series in 2005, he's pretty sure he died of happiness.

Jim Ruland went to the Dodgers and Red Sox exhibition game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.

Steven Seighman is the editor of Monkeybicycle and Art Director at Dzanc Books.

F. John Sharp optimistically lives and works in Cleveland, home of your 2008 World Series champion, Cleveland Indians.

Paul Silverman, of Boston, once stung his hand (not the writing one) mis-playing a Manny Ramirez foul ball. His short fiction appears frequently in print and online.

Jon Steven Sindell
Giants fan since the 80's
Huge dues have been paid

Jim Tomlinson's first book of fiction, Things Kept, Things Left Behind, won the 2006 Iowa Short Fiction Award. He lives and writes in rural Kentucky.

Ted Weir is a writer living in Arlington, Va. He has previously published fiction in Bewildering Tales and Cautionary Tale.

Photo by Ryan Molloy

A swing and a miss.
And now the lone samurai
Returns to the bench.
        - Ted Weir

The flyball skies high
In the stands, ten gloves await;
The pitcher kicks dirt
        - Jon Sindell

last man waits on deck
quietly resting his fate
on sinking liner
        - Paul Silverman

Horsehide pops leather,
evening game of throw and catch–
my father, his son.
        - Jim Tomlinson

Pure Hitter
He swings, stands watching
lets the bat slip from his hands
jogs the bases, smug.
        - Marty Carlock

Mikey on the mound.
Bases loaded. Team Slurpees
hang in the balance.
        - Jim Ruland

The crack of the bat
Line drive down the third base line
Go right past second
        - Steven Seighman

Kirk Gibson bum legs
Hit Eck's best backdoor slider
Breaking Oakland hearts
        - Bob Arter

Like Ryan Howard,
J-Roll, and Schmidt before him,
Utley, MVP!
        - Lee Klein

Opening Day
They start in Japan
Me with 6 AM coffee
3 on the west coast
        - Timothy Gager

My first breaking ball:
It tumbled top to bottom
I fall on my ass
        - Bob Arter

Once per year
On March 24
every team is tied for first
life is beautiful
        - Timothy Gager

Combo Spatter
Beer and dogs and beer
Fierce sun and a hatless head
Vomit on the stairs.
        - Melissa Bell

Sad news for Tigers
Granderson broke a finger
Won't play Op'ning Day
        - Elizabeth Ellen

Only thing more fun
than my team winning is the
Yankees losing big.
        - F John Sharp

Winter yields to spring
Hope burns again in my heart
Should last until May.
        - Leonard Pierce

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Expects nothing but the best
He is misguided

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Throws pop ups to his players
Who duck for cover

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Shows how to run the bases
As his team throws dirt

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Tells his batters to choke up
They all grab their necks

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Hits grounders to his fielders
While they run from moths

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Says "Everyone did great"
and "See you next week"

T-Ball Coach Rick Dobbs
Collects the stray baseballs and
hopes for better days
        - Christopher Monks