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Gene Morgan and Matthew Simmons Discuss Games You Can Play on the Internet:

Dino Run

bonus features:
alternate ending to Barry Graham's "Bad Beat" by Blake Butler

"Owen Morris's Other Creativity Games (to date)" by Dave Madden

deleted scene from Mary Miller's "Pearl"

behind the scenes:
an "origins" essay behind his Leisure Suit Larry essay by Matt Bell

an old essay about Magic: the Gathering, with new footnotes, by Mike Alber

Play here an essay on noodles, with recipe, by E.P. Chiew


This game is an extended metaphor for the death of the human race, mostly because the dinosaurs are a metaphor for the death of the human race.

I like to run really fast, and then slow down, and let big dark cloud almost overtake me. And then maybe I'll run a little more.

Sometimes I get depressed about the state of mankind, and I think about this game and feel better. Dinosaurs were what I consider to be "Earth conscious," and an asteroid from space killed them anyway, even if they ran really fast. There was nothing they could do.

The sequel to this game is a car driving simulation where humans try to out-drive greenhouse gasses and icebergs on their way to Burger King, and it won't be released for another five-hundred-million years. 


Johnny Hart, the cartoonist responsible for both The Wizard of Id and B.C. apparently died at his drawing table. One might take this as a really beautiful, poetic moment. It could be seen as a real testament to the artist and her or his commitment to art. And all that.

Thing is, this is Johnny Freakin' Hart we're talking about. The man spent his artistic life mining, like, the same four or five stupid jokes over and over and over, week in and week out. He died walking down the same tired path he had walked down for years and years.

Jackson Pollock, on the other hand, was in a car, drunk, speeding down the road, as far away from his studio as possible.

That's probably a more poetic way of looking at art.

And since Dino Run is about running—and being a Dino. And since Dino Run was clearly made by some sort of evolution-believing secular progressive—and this sort of person no doubt chafed the hell out of Johnny Hart. Well. There it is, isn't it?

short supplemental stories:
"Picture I Stole from My Lover" by Stefan Kiesbye

"Adam, Jacob, John, Paul" (with baseball card) by Jennifer Pieroni

"Crossing Borders" by Grant Perry

short interviews with the cover artists:
Ryan Molloy

Steven Seighman

David Kramer

more bonus features:
a short story by Fart Party comic artist Julia Wertz

Gene Morgan and Matthew Simmons Discuss Dino Run

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