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"War Story" by Micah Riecker

an outtake from M. Owens' "Heads Down"

"Motel: A Lyric Essay" by Joshua Ware

Ashley Farmer's photo essay on "Farm Town"

Tod Goldberg looks at Sports Illustrated boxing covers from his youth

a short movie by Jimmy Chen to accompany his story in Hobart 13, "Field Goal"

Amy Butcher's Guide to Public Park Drinking and Relaxation

Superstition in Baseball: a Q&A with Earl Averill

Amelia Gray amd Jac Jemc interview each other

an extra "luck" short-short by Steve Castro

Shya Scanlon writes about the Sharon McGill story he "remixed" for Ho13

a "deleted scene" from Rolf Potts' response to Reality Hunger

Jim Ruland bets on the Super Bowl

photos & excerpts from Jac Jemc's "Notes Toward a Definition of Luck"

Sean Lovelace's System for Wagering on Horses


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