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An Annotated Map
of Littlefield, TX for
"The Borovsky Circus
Goes to Littlefield"
(complete with anecdotes not included in the story)

Aubrey Hirsch


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Metroid: An Appreciation by Mike Meginnis

How to Build a Spaceship in Five Easy Steps by Douglas Silver

Sea to Shining Sea company newsletter by Debbie Graber

Suggested edits for "Saucer" by Karl Taro Greenfeld

The Beartender (a photo w/ caption) by Melinda Moustakis
Brian Oliu reads "Super Mario Bros." & "Ninja Gaiden Trilogy"
A Couple Short Movies Written by Etgar Keret
What Could Have Also Been (Alternate Endings) by Robert Baumann
Two Notable Emotion Pianists by Sean Adams
An Annotated Map of Littlefield, TX by Aubrey Hirsch
Laguna Park

Where the Borovsky Circus performs its first week of shows in Littlefield. It's hot, but the trailers are climate controlled. There are lots of trees nearby with oddly shaped leaves. The circus people...


City Hall

The people of Littlefield vote overwhelmingly to help the abandoned circus. That is, the people who show up to the town meeting. Representing Littlefield's 6,500 residents are nine women and six men. ...


Lamb County Correctional Center

The prison was decommissioned in 1994. Lamb County couldn't bring it up to code, so they had to shut it down. In its heyday it slept 80 female offenders, two to a room. More recently, it housed 29 cir...


Littlefield Elementary School

The teachers take the first, second and third grade classes on a field trip to the see the circus. The permission slips say "The Great Baker Circus" and list the address on E. Waylon Jennings Boulevar...


Lamb Healthcare Center

When the injuries are too big to be handled by the first aid kit, they are treated here. Mostly they are minor: a thumb pounded flat by a hammer, a twisted ankle, a broken nose brought on by a night o...


Littlefield High School

The students at Littlefield High make elaborate plans in which they put on black sweatsuits and ski masks and break into the prison and steal a live tiger to be their mascot for the homecoming game in...


Littlefield Cemetery

When Tamara thinks about Kostya, her beloved horse, she thinks about the Littlefield Cemetery. She remembers passing it alongside the highway on the trip from the airport to the park. If he is dead sh...


Parade Route
3.0 mi - about 12 mins
Addendum: Notes on the North Country
by Roxane Gay

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