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October '05 -- stories that Brad likes

Poker Night
  by Andy Henion

More Than a Little Impressed
  by Peggy Johnson

Down With the Ship, Yo
  by Brian Beatty

Crazy Jake and Me
  by Lincoln Michel

Sportscaster Reporting About Dwarf Athletes at the 1984 Olympic Games
  by Jonathan Shipley

The Time Hopping Inter-Era Pirate Talk Show Host
  by Nick Mainieri

Selected pages from a 'Choose the Adventure You Want' story
  by Brooks Callison

if variety is the spice of life, then this months update is that little can of chicken stock way back in the corner of the spice rack that never gets used. we took a gamble this month with "stories that brad likes" and we're pretty sure we already lost. but dont think this wont be worth your time though, sister, cause you got another thing coming! thats right! you like pirates? you got pirates! you like midgets? YOU GOT FRIGGIN MIDGETS! you like something different? we thought so. thats why aaron let me, a man of highly refined tastes (see submission guidelines) to guest edit this month.

so understand this, you probably wont be reading your typical short story, but also understand that we here at hobart like the good things in life (lawn darts, chinese throwing stars, bullwhip seaweed, etc...) and we wanted to read short stories about these things because they are awesome, and so are you. have fun.