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Champaign-Urbana Gymnopédie

Scott Garson

bonus features:
Some of the things that Jo-Jo grunts (an incomplete glossary) by B. C. Edwards

Appendix 3B, "The Instructive Incident of the Lawn and its Necessary Lessons" by Steve Himmer

Alternate Ending to Shya Scanlon's "Portrait of the Oughtist" by Paula Bomer (with two collages by James J. Williams III)

Joan Enright's pie recipe (as featured in Eliza Tudor's "Person, Place, or Thing"

photo by Ian Bassingthwaighte

(NOTE: This is an "extra' gymnopedié, was written on command for the #11 Extras update. Tim Jones-Yelvington supplied the place, Champaign-Urbana. David Erlewine, M.T. Fallon, Molly Gaudry and Laura Ellen Scott each supplied a word.)

If I said that I needed to see my mother's grave, I must have meant something. Did you know not to question? You're good—I believe that you are. No sense in risking your hand in mine by leading us back to the words. Look there. A night buzzard. Or something. Here is the truth: I needed to flee that dorm room. I needed to have you ferry me out to this season of crickets and tomb-glint and pine and steps in the way of the girl I once was, heel-toe. Some secrets are never disclosed, but that doesn't mean they're not shared. In this we are even. I like: the spread of your hands. And your ribs. If I pinch at your lip with my teeth, it's to say, You're here. You're with me.

A Behind-theScenes essay for "Cold Travel" by Gabriel Urza

Camp Conversation: Lydia Conklin and Gabe Durham discuss summer camp

Hello Clone, I Will Say by Gabe Durham (featuring illustration by Lydia Conklin)

excerpt (chapter 1) from Steven Rinella's American Buffalo

Champaign-Urbana Gymnopédie by Scott Garson

Behind the Scenes of "The Fish" by Patrick Somerville

The Singing Fish: Revisited by Peter Markus

Three Different Apocalypses by Lucy Corin

My Eagle Scout Project: A Sidewalk: A List, an extra short by Adam Peterson

Deer Summer Sausage recipe (and illustration) by Mike Alber

The Lake Monster Is Curious: An Alternate Ending in the Monster’s Point of View, by Becky Hagenston