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Mix and Match!
Deleted Sentences from “Our Lady of Sabattus St.”

by Amy Clark

bonus features:
continued/extended ending for "Location! Location!" by JoeAnn Hart

the first couple pages of BJ Hollars' "Gutted" (fill-in-the-blank style)

The End Lands: In Which My Beautiful Long-Legged Now Born Niece Visits the Sutro Baths, excerpts of story by Claire Vaye Watkins with photos by Lise Baker

an epilogue for Alicia Gifford's "Gravitas"

Photo by Ryan Molloy

Place these sentences where they originally appeared in the story.  Bonus points if you can identify the three red-herrings –sentences that were never supposed to be in there at all.  Good luck!

Anthony Abney stood there without any expression on his face.

I know they had been told the trailer would fill up with smoke, but who knows what kids really know. 

I did leave that night, while Margaret was sitting in my mother’s lap, before my father got home and asked what the hell happened.

No one ever called me “sir.”

Mr. Pappas told me the next day that it’s illegal for the flag to be up all night if there’s not spotlight shining on it, and I didn’t ask if maybe, the important people who run our country wouldn’t have had more time to fix some of the problems we are all facing if they weren’t so busy making useless fucking laws like that. 

I didn’t know what I was going to do there, except sit on the cold, flat top of a monument with the name “Shink” etched deep into the side.

I was always lying to my mom or somebody.

It was the time of year when the streets started to have a sheen of ice on them in the morning, so I didn’t take my bike

I will probably be smoking cigarettes out behind some other chain store.

And then the water buffalo walked into the sunset, screaming, “tie me up!”

"Carapace" lyrics, "by" Pearl Jam, by Alicia Gifford

Mix and Match! Deleted Sentences from “Our Lady of Sabattus St.” by Amy Clark

Outtakes and Extras from "Mooning: A Short Cultural History" by Daniel Nester

Lumberjacks Visit Camp Interesting by Lydia Conklin and John Woods

Collages by Guy Brookshire, inspired by Blake Butler's "Smoke House"

Some photos by Mike Young of murals, which may or may not have inspired his story, "Stay Awhile If You Can"

Everything Google Knows About Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, compiled by Mike Young