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(The Fill-In-The-Blank-Version)

bonus features:
continued/extended ending for "Location! Location!" by JoeAnn Hart

the first couple pages of BJ Hollars' "Gutted" (fill-in-the-blank style)

The End Lands: In Which My Beautiful Long-Legged Now Born Niece Visits the Sutro Baths, excerpts of story by Claire Vaye Watkins with photos by Lise Baker

an epilogue for Alicia Gifford's "Gravitas"

photo by Sanaz Kiesbye

We're ________ (gutting/eating/burning) the place.

It's June and the students have fled and we're ________ (gutting/eating/burning) it like it's revenge. The old ________ (high school/rats nest/pirate ship) is overflowing.

We need to expand, the foreman says, let's ________ (gut/eat/burn) it.

We cut, trample, take ________ (sledgehammers/bananas/Weird Al Yankovic CDS) to the cinder blocks. It's the kind of thing we fantasized about when, a few years back, we slouched in those desks, learning of the displacement of ________ (water/hormones/Weird Al Yankovic CDs).

Dave works here too, moving the rubble in a yellow ________ (wheelbarrow/rain slicker/tetherball). The wheel squeaks. We can hear him over our ________ (hammering/string quartet/Weird Al Yankovic CD), over the radio plugged into the wall. When we were in school together I hardly knew him, but now that we work together, we eat ________ (sandwiches/mystery meat/pirate ships) side by side on the bleachers beside the soccer field where neither of us played. Dave dropped out of ________ (college/a rats nest/heaven) after the first semester. He failed an astronomy exam; things worsened after that. I'm still in for a couple more years, coming home for the summer just to ________ (gut/eat/burn).

"Chips?" he asks, but I say no. Thanks.

At night, when my back aches and I spend most of the time in the shower trying to pick the ________ (dust/bananas/hormones) from my eyes and my nails, peeling away the layers, sometimes I call up old friends I find in the yearbook. I want to say, "Guess what I'm smashing up?" I want us to have a good ________ (laugh/cry/period of silence).

Most of them aren't home. Their parents pick up, don't remember who I am, then inform me that their son is off doing good works in a foreign ________ (land/car/pirate ship).

I want to say, "What happened? What changed? Did you say Iceland?"

Instead, I just hang up the phone and don't bother calling ________ (back/hormones/Weird Al Yankovic).

"Carapace" lyrics, "by" Pearl Jam, by Alicia Gifford

Mix and Match! Deleted Sentences from “Our Lady of Sabattus St.” by Amy Clark

Outtakes and Extras from "Mooning: A Short Cultural History" by Daniel Nester

Lumberjacks Visit Camp Interesting by Lydia Conklin and John Woods

Collages by Guy Brookshire, inspired by Blake Butler's "Smoke House"

Some photos by Mike Young of murals, which may or may not have inspired his story, "Stay Awhile If You Can"

Everything Google Knows About Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, compiled by Mike Young